Adultery & Infidelity

These types of suspicions are never easy.  Let us find you the convincing and admissible proof regarding your spouse.  We will provide you the results you need to prove your case. 

Child Custody

A child custody battle is extremely difficult.  We offer you the independent verification of activities which could be harmful to your child.  Let us provide you the proof you need to get the upper hand in your case.

Background Investigations

This is an important function for hiring new employees, renter screening, etc.  We offer a complete, detailed background check to give you all the information you need to know and to give you peace of mind! 

Missing Persons

We realize how difficult a missing person/runaway case is to the affected family.  1 I C will work with local, state and federal law enforcement to bring closure to your case.  

Criminal Defense Investigations

1 I C offers complete Criminal Case Reviews as well as Criminal Case Preparation.  This will include witness interviews, evidence review, and preparation for trial.

Process Service

We offer full process service to meet the needs of all legal professionals.  This includes serving of Subpoenas, Motions, Summons and Complaints.